Thursday, August 12, 2010

Nine Nine Doing Fine

Cleanse day 9 has begun.

It's not so bad anymore. Almost makes sense to do it for longer. Almost. I miss food, but I'm not hungry too often. I hate maple syrup. And I have stopped needing sleep. Last night I slept two hours. Got up in hopes of being able to sleep tonight. See, I am styling/child wrangling a Crayola commercial today. On set at 7am. Wrap around 8pm. I had really hoped to tuck in early.

Hell to the No!

I was kicking ass at the gym til 10:30! Well, kicking ass at a moderate pace, anyway.

Before gym, I shopped til I had hoped to drop with Sweetheart. He starts his fancy new Wall Street job today and we had to get him 9-5ed out. How handsome is he in his sensible slacks and button ups?!?! Boiler Room's not my go to porn for nothing!

Taking a pain killer after over a week of cleansing is fantastic. I didn't really consider the outcome, I just hoped it would ease my wrestling in the pool sore muscles and escort me off to dreamland. My soreness is eased, but dreamland is more like manic-upswing-I-better-plan-my-entire-future-tonight-and-blog-and-stuff-land.

The kitties are purring beside me. They are happy I'm awake. Crossing all my fingers and toes for super slumber after the film shoot. Or I'll just go to the gym and stay up all night prioritizing life goals some more. As 'cleanse euphoric' as I am, I still can't make myself clean the apartment or reorganize or other important things. But I sure will do three months worth of MENSA Bathroom Calendar problems at six in the morning!

Also, I have my first nephew. His name is Miles and he is a three month old mastiff-mix. Brother Bear saved him from the pound. He is white with blond accent, just like his auntie. At three months, he is already the size of a full grown boxer dog. At six months, the vet predicted he would be the size of an adult lab. Who's the biggest baby bear unicorn dog in the world?! Although I won't meet him until I visit North Carolina again, I love him too much already!

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