Saturday, October 2, 2010

Let Me In, Facebook.

Last night Sweetheart and I saw Let Me In and The Social Network.

We also ate our weight in popcorn (we had to keep a full bucket in order to pull off the double header movie sneak-in on opening night!) causing a tummy ache from which I am still recovering.

Let Me In is a gorey, funny, wincing good time. The kids are appropriately creepy, the 'ahhhh, cooooooooooome oooooooooooon' moments are gross and fun to watch through your fingers, and the story is actually pretty touching. The mean boy is really good at being a bully! I would be interested in seeing the Svedish version. See, I liked it enough to watch it in another language. Sweetheart loved it. I liked it a lot. That being said, I am the girl that sites Drag Me to Hell as one of my favorite horror movies to watch. *Spoiler Alert* She gets dragged to hell. Obvi, I value camp. Sometimes over substance.

The Social Network is great. I just don't know why. It's a movie about what might have happened in creating a website, and I loved it! Watching the struggle of idea ownership and cyber ownership was interesting and new. All the web jargon/growing/jokes/fun is applicable to everyone who has a facebook page, which is everyone, and feels modern and exciting. Even though all of us, from your milf to my backwoods druncle, has a facebook page, and the movie was sold out at every showing, it still felt intimate. Like a secret hipster club who all get this movie other generations wouldn't understand. Is this the backlash of special effects? Could our Star Wars be a movie about our technological abilities instead of featuring them? I certainly was more excited about The Social Network than Avatar. (Unless you are recreationally using drugs. Then Avatar still wins.) No, it probably isn't our Star Wars, but it is strange that a movie about a website is somehow defining of our generation. The acting was great entertainment, especially the twins (!), and the writing was spot on, sounding just like what me and all my friends think we sound like. Lots of groups stayed after the film to talk about it (as it was 2am, this is especially impressive) and people were excited. I guess our generations everyman ideal is a 20-something internet start-up success story. Weird! Another fun phenomenon, everyone whips out their phone as they are leaving the theater. No doubt, to update their status. I did.

Go see them both. If you can't do a super sneaky double header, pick your poison. Bloody suspense or cerebral wit? Neither will disappoint.

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