Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Day on Set

Today I shot a movie. It's called Tasteless. I play Amelia.

I played with Ryan McDonough (actor), Lori Fischer (screenwriter), Joseph Gannascoli (actor), Sean Gannet (director), Ashley Wren Collins (producer).
Yeah, he's the Sopranos guy. Making him the second Sopranos guy with whom I have worked on a project. The other was Bobby Funaro in Fuckplays. I adore Bobby! I even relayed coded messages to Joe and Bobby from each other. I might be in the mafia, now. I'm not sure. Probably.

Nancy Opel was also in my scene. She's hilarious. And likes to cry on cue. She's Tony Nominated.
Well, Nancy, my dad, Tony, nominates me quite often as the biggest pain in his wallet in the whole wide world. Looks like we are both Tony nominees. Let's toast tiny tea mugs and laugh smugly!

And, finally, April the Top Model. Tall, thin, beautiful...

But it seems only one of us found our light and nailed the shoot.

Holla at me, Tyra! This smize ain't free!

This snarky recap is all in good fun, of course! I had a great time on set, everyone was super professional and efficient. I hope to work with this lovely team again in the future!

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