Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Last weekend was the Quidditch World Cup. The Badassilisks, the only community team, played very well. We beat U of Toronto and East Michigan. Texas A&M beat us. Hard. I started two out of the three tournament games on Saturday. Sweetheart and I were nicknamed 'The Enforcers' and 'The Tanks' by the announcers. I played chaser and beater. I even scored!

Take that kids who picked me last in PE class! How many World Cups have you played in? Not counting the 'World I Stayed In My Small Town And Never Miss A High School Football Game Even Though I'm 30 Cup'. Yeah! Suck it.

There was stretching. That's me!

There were magical superfans.

And we looked cute. Really the whole point of the game!

Although there was some sort of 'miscalculation' and we were kicked out of the bracket for the second day (the bracket that at the start of the day we were in), we enjoyed several scrimmages Sunday. And won them all! And our Seeker (what Harry Potter was) was undefeated, catching the Snitch every match! I couldn't be more proud of our little team that could! We surprised everyone and kicked some ass!


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