Wednesday, February 9, 2011

3rd Rock from the Haters

I believed you were a beautiful hunk of man meat from the very beginning. And I've got my freshman year in high school diary to prove it! Do you want to be my boyfriend?

10 Things I Hate About You:
1. You are short.
2. I got caught polishing the pearl at least twice by my mom because of you.
3. Your name is hard to spell.
4. You kissed Zooey.
5. The tall brassy blonde in your life is Kristen Johnston, not Erin McCarson.
6. You frenched Alex Mack! Jealous!
7. You FRENCHED Alex Mack! Super Jealous.
8. You knew Health Ledger. Alive.
9. I don't have your phone number so we can text playfully throughout the day.

I ran into him on the street a while back. Truth be told, he was tiny! But very handsome. Tit level will do just fine. Joseph G-L, you are adorbs!

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