Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Buh-Bye, Valentine!

I, for one, had a pretty shitty Valentine's. Sweetheart and I got in a huge fight over something so stupid I refuse to even admit it on here. I was sure we were thisclose to hating each other forever. We have since worked it out, as you do when you have a stoopit disagreement, but I would still like to put this month of loveyshit out to pasture. Here are some sayonara V-day treats!

These Valentine's are pretty apropos. They are cute, but, bet you me, you don't wanna spend your V-day with a monster. They are super jealous and surprisingly needy.

This is more like it... until he eats your brains. You could trick him into eating your Sweetheart's brains, but as you are mad at him and not convinced that he has any, it's best to steer clear of handsome rose-bearing zombies.

I find that after this Valentine's Day massacre, it's best to carry on into March like it never happened!

Valentine's Day 2011, get the fuck outta my face!

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