Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What's Your Record?

i spent my evening at The Universal Record Database World Record Appreciation Society at Joe's Pub.

i saw a lot of records being set.

namely, miss Mamrie Hart (erhum... Mammary Heart), who set the world record for 'Eating the Most Veggie Corndogs While Dancing the Choreography to the Voiceover Part of MJ's Thriller'. you can experience it yourself in the video, around minute 54. really good stuff! i'm the one yelling, 'Swallow! I know you know how! SWALLOW!!'

Arden Myrin, of MadTV, 'Drew the Most US Weekly Celebrity Covergirls in 2 Minutes While Singing the Chorus to JayZ's 'Empire State of Mind' in Pig Latin'. she then gave away the drawings. i fought the masses for Lindsay Lohan in Jail and my sweetheart made the whole room jealous by getting Octomom.

other favorites, 'Slowest Macarena', 'Most Fart Noises Executed During a One Minute Excerpt of Going Rogue by Sarah Palin', and 'Most Pies to the Face by a Clown in One Minute' (below, poorly captured by my cellmra).

all in all, just another night in my city.

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