Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dumbo Dumbo Dino

Cephalopods are my favorite sea creature. Not counting mermaids. Duh.

They can fly, squirt ink, and change colors, even though they are colorblind. Like, water balloons with brains. They like having others of their kind around, but will hang out with fish if they are lonely. I think that's nice.

The Dumbo Octopus is my favorite cephalopod. I would very much like a Dumbo Octopus.

As I do not have a 22965 ft. deep aquarium ocean simulator to call my own, yet, I will settle for Dumbo the Elephant for now. NO sad Dumbo's mom song though! Unless I'm properly sedated.

Speaking of my favorite things and sad animal mom cinema, this movie (I can't even type the name), is all about my favorite things: dinosaurs, adventure, finding your magical place, dinosaurs... But I can't watch it because it induces an actual panic attack.

When is the last time you sat at your computer and wept to google images for 17 minutes? Never. Huh. Me? Oh, 30 seconds ago. Holy tranquilizer, Littlefoot!

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