Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Casper meets Kubler-Ross

I remembered what a kid boner I had for Devon Sawa. I tried to name the family cat Devon Sawa. My family settled on Casper. Can I keep you? So, I googled...

This came up...

As well as this little slice of ruin my childhood pie...

NO! No, I do not want to keep you! What the hell happened!?!? Jesus, Sawa!

I became a shell of the happy little girl I used to be. What the fuck, Devon! I thought we had something special! Something that meant something. Then you go and get all ugly face without even asking. This is not ok. I don't love you any more! Shallow? Fickle? Bitchy? You bet your sweet little Canadian arse I am! Go back to being dreamy. NOW. I'm trying to move on. I recorded my grieving for you, reader. So you, like I, don't have to feel alone. Devon Douche!

My Sawa K├╝bler-Ross Model
Reluctant Acceptance.


  1. AMAZING. I hope you also remember Shane McDermott

  2. airborne. inline skating greenhouse scene. early foray into masterbation. seth green montage. loved it!