Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Luther

Why am I not asleep after 5 in the morning? Oh yeah, my tummy feels funny.

One Krispy Kreme doughnut, sliced and toasted, hamburger, cheese, special sauce, and a big ole slab of Canadian bacon. Crunchy frenchie fries on the side.

Eating this burger is an experience. There is the super sweet yummy glazed doughnut, the greasy burger, ample gooey cheese, salty bacon, and oozy sauce. Your mouth is immediately confused, then interested. It's too many delicious things all at once. Your tongue likes the texture, but can't figure out why its like that. Upon completion, you stumble around and slur your words, food drunk, and, if it's the hottest day ever (today), will probably get the meat sweats. You are full, satisfied, sick, and sugar rushed all at the same time.

Soon, you poop and crash. Your stomach doesn't quite hurt, but it is having a hard time digesting your dinner dessert combo. There will be no canoodling! Maybe pooting. You should try it. Once.

So, next time you want a burger, go that extra 500 calories and make it THE LUTHER!

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